Squeeze more out of your content budget

Our trained A.I. can find, read, audit and sort thousands of marketing documents on-the-fly delivering awesome campaigns whilst saving you valuable time and money

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Soto Curator is designed by content marketers for content marketers – superpowered by machine learning.

A content audit can be a time-consuming and expensive exercise – searching, reading and analyzing hundreds of assets for your campaign.
Soto Curator can do the heavy lifting for you, finding the most relevant documents, sorting them by funnel stage and analyzing new content requirements.

100x faster than humans

SOTO Curator is a able to find, read, digest and analyze a 100 page PDF in seconds compared to hours or days for a human counterpart.


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    Read like Superman

    SOTO Curator can read and analyze up to 1,000 documents at a time

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    Natural Language Ninja

    Our A.I. understands context, relevance and sentence structure

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    Works 24/7, 365

    The Soto Relevance Engine never gets tired and works all night long

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Soto Curator thinks like you

Soto Curator has been trained by human content marketers to think critically, contextually and creatively. It can understand and consider abstract concepts, make connections and spot patterns.


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    30,000 Sentences Analyzed

    Soto Curator has been taught thousands of examples by trained and experienced content strategists

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    Buyer's Journey Stages

    Soto Curator can analyze sentences and content by marketing funnel stage and recommend program use

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    Zero Cognitive Bias

    The A.I. understands creative and marketing concepts and isn’t influenced by human subjectivity or bias

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Cost effective content audit

SOTO Curator can automate the heavy-lifting content analysis enabling content marketers to focus on the important stuff.


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    No headcount, no problem

    SOTO Curator costs just 25% of the average content analyst

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    Corporates and Agencies

    Customers and agencies alike can leverage the superhuman skills of Soto Curator

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    Faster, cheaper and more accurate

    Soto Curator can be 60% cheaper than manual projects and just as accurate