Terms and rules

Forum regulations.

1: Forum use regulations.

1.1.- On the internet there are no specific rules to control user behavior. The Soto Systems forum expects each user to be aware of their actions. Soto Systems is not responsible for comments, opinions or exchange of data made by users of the forum.

1.2.- This is a service open to registered users of Soto Systems. The forum may cease to function, either temporarily or permanently, by decision of the organization, technical problems or any other nature. There will be no responsibility to the users, for this eventuality.

General rules.

2.1.- The accuracy, integrity or veracity of the messages is not guaranteed. Soto Systems is not responsible in any way for the opinions or information expressed by users. The publication in the forum of the same does not imply the recognition of Soto Systems of the information as true nor its approval, compliance or support. The opinions expressed reflect only the personal opinion or point of view of their authors.

2.2.- The responsibility for the information provided, opinions and, ultimately, for the full text of the messages written by a user, is exclusive to said user, for all purposes.

2.3.- The publication of messages that contain false information and / or defame any person or entity is not allowed. Nor messages with pornographic or inappropriate content for minors. The same criteria apply to racist, sexist or critical messages with certain sectors or social groups.

3.- Illegal software, device unlock and mobile phone release:

3.1.- It is not allowed to request, offer or share illegal software in the forum.

3.2.- This is: commercial software, registered shareware software, key generators, serial numbers, modifications or any system or methodology that fulfills that mission.

3.3.- No links of any kind are allowed to file-sharing systems that do not explicitly show their content, such as public file download websites, P2P networks, FTP servers, and similar systems, even if these links are to free content or without copyright, as they prevent the moderation team from checking their content quickly and flexibly.

4.- Politics and religion.

4.1- It is not allowed to discuss issues related to politics or religion in the forums. We have a deep respect for the beliefs and convictions of our users, but it has also been proven in the past that this type of discussion often brings tension, while clouding the excellent atmosphere of camaraderie that reigns in the forum.

5.- Personal data and IP registration.

5.1.- Soto Systems recommends not publicly exposing personal data, as well as the email address, instant messaging, telephone number, or home address. This information, apart from lacking relevance for other users, could be subject to misuse by third parties, as it is easily captured information when exposed on a public website.

5.2.- Soto Systems is not responsible for its dissemination, being the sole responsibility of the user who publishes it.

5.3.- Soto Systems automatically registers the IP of all users who send messages to the forum. This information is only visible by the administration of the forum, and will collaborate as far as possible with the competent authority in the event that Air Simulation is required any information on alleged violators of current legislation.

6.- Education

6.1.- Do not use capital letters sustained in your messages as they are understood as anger, scolding or anger. Do not abuse punctuation marks and repetitions, they become actions of bad taste.

6.2.- Remember to use a cordial language and if possible respect the rules of the language so that you are sure that your message will be understood correctly. Pay attention to the use of words in a foreign language, especially if you do not know exactly the meaning of them.

6.3- Be careful with jokes as they can be perceived as offenses.

6.4.- We reserve the right to monitor and block messages or interrupt the user who uses inappropriate expressions in the forum.

7.- Mutual respect.

7.1.- It is prohibited to use in the forum information, observations or data that may offend, insult, insult, incite the crime or go against the law and local, national and international rules.

7.2.- It is important to show respect to other users. Avoid expressions, comments, names or nicknames that may offend and respect the opinions, thoughts, beliefs and ideas of others.

7.3.- Aggression and interpretations or criticisms about physical appearance, sexual orientation or ethnicity are strictly prohibited. Everyone has the right to be as they wish.

7.4.- Personal confrontation through this means, defamation to third parties and harass or harass any user is prohibited.

8.- Expelled from the forum.

8.1.- The administration reserves the right of warning, reprimand or expulsion of the user who violates the rules of use.

These terms may be changed at any time without notice.

If you do not agree with these terms, please do not register or use the Service. Use of the Service constitutes acceptance of these terms. If you wish to close your account, please contact us.